Learning a New Language

March 16, 2009 — 1 Comment

zhe1Recently I decided to try and learn a new language, Russian. After several failed attempts at Language CD’s & “for Dummies” books, the Cyrillic (кириллица) alphabet doesn’t translate well into print, I stumbled across an iphone application; Russian Alphabet by Andre Khromov.

One could say that this is just no more than a digital version of flash cards but I think this is pretty ground breaking for language education. Its functionality allows you listen to a voice pronounce the letter, lets you rate your answers and with the help of a progress tracking system, repeats the letters you are having trouble learning.

I can honestly say that I have learned more from this $1.99 application than the $70+ I invested in CD’s and books. Also, I can now say I’ve been introduced to the mystery which is the Russian letter “Й”, pronounced “ee kratkaya.”

Like I said, the Cyrillic alphabet doesn’t translate well into print.

To learn more about the iphone application Russian Alphabet by Andre Khromov, visit the itunes store.


One response to Learning a New Language


    I wish you luck!
    Russian is difficult and not straight forward but it’s worth to learn (probably as any other language though :)) Especially, if you are planning to visit Russia or Ukaraine, as almost nobody speaks English there.

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