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There are two similar daily design challenges taking place for designers in 2010.

One is from Jad Limcaco from Smashing Magazine and the second is from Len Kendall & Daniel Honigman of the newly created site

The challenge to designers is to create a design or image everyday for 2010. Both request that you post your artwork to your blog and tweet using a hashtag for ease in following. Jad’s request is for you to use #daily365 while Len & Daniel request that approved authors use #the3six5 (Read Authors Guidelines). The later also request that the designer add a statement along with their work.

My Statement:
“Above is a quick sketch/layout loosely following some guidelines I recall from my 3rd yr typography class with Alex Alter at O.C.A.  [now called O.C.A.D. ]. The rules were that the design must be in a square, using a single typeface, no rules/bars or images and in black & white. Many found these rules/guidelines limiting, but for a few of us, it was a fun challenge.”

Game on!